Jennifer Mrozek Weiss

Artist Statement

My creativity is a powerful purpose in my life. During intensely challenging or joyful times, I channel and release my emotion into my paintbrush and onto my canvas.  My art practice helps me climb to a meditative state as therapy for the twists and turns in my daily life. I create with spontaneity, as I trust my subconscious mind to develop a clear picture of my reality on canvas. 


My visceral art often intertwines shapes within shapes, using vibrant colors to differentiate and build a constant sense of power and emotion.  I produce flowing forms, alive with expression, in an intricate dance between balance and energy.  


My recent works have a new depth and dimension with the addition of layering and transparency of forms, shapes and colors on each level.  Heavier paint on one layer and lighter in another builds a transparent effect.   I dilute my paint to get a watercolor effect in my background colors. 


My artistic influences are Joan Miro, Wassily Kandinsky, and Paul Klee.  I love the spirit and life in Miro’s expression. I sense familiarity in Kandinsky ‘s shapes.  I am drawn to Paul Klee’s great sense of color and form.


Statement | Jennifer Mrozek Weiss - Abstract Art
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