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ACRUX - New Painting

I am really excited about my new Blog and this is my first post so thank you for stopping by to read it and please bear with me as I am new to writing. I am eager to allow my family, friends and fans behind the scenes to learn more about me, my art process, my inspirations and lots of other things that I think about when I am creating my work.

As a starting point, I just finished a new abstract impressionist painting called ACRUX which I have displayed below.

ACRUX took me about 3 months to paint and it is acrylic on canvas (36 inches wide and 48 inches tall). I draw a lot on my IPAD when I am on the subways traveling around NYC and this painting was developed out of one of my digital drawings which I have posted below. I changed a few things as I created the painting which I like. I feel like when I painted it versus drawing it, I was able to bring more life and energy into it. I love painting with color and this piece really pops with the red. I seem to gravitate a lot towards painting with red, black and white so you will often see this in my art work.

I find it hard to name or title my paintings so sometimes I choose names from categories that I find interesting and one of them is stars. Below is a picture of the star named ACRUX and a little bit of information to familiarize you about it. I personally had never heard of this star before but it makes sense since I don't live in the southern hemisphere. Maybe if I go to South America, which I would love to do, I will try to find it in the sky.

Acrux, brightest star in Southern Cross

You have to be in the Southern Hemisphere to see Crux – the Southern Cross – in all its glory. Bluish Acrux, aka Alpha Crucis, is its brightest star.

Thanks for visiting my blog and please visit again soon! Jen

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