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Defiant Armour - New Painting

I just finished a new painting called Defiant Armour.

I am working on my backgrounds and I like the way that this one turned out. I pulled the colors from the background into my foreground and made the bright red "louder" which I like. Black is always a structural element in my paintings and I like to define my shapes with it which I have done here.

This artwork is 16" x 20" and is a smaller canvas than what I usually like to work with but I want to diversify the sizes within my artwork inventory and some art shows require pieces that are under 30"s so I realize that I should have some work on the smaller size. When I paint in a smaller size, I can finish a piece more quickly and move onto my next vision which I like.

The reason that I named this piece the way that I did is because I am going through some personal issues right now and the people involved are defiant and put up a lot of walls which are making their problems worse. I like to title my paintings around what I am going through at the time that I create the art and this one fits perfectly for me right now.

#DefiantArmour #red #abstract

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