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Tangerine - New Painting


I just finished a new painting called Tangerine. I named it after one of my favorite Led Zepplin songs. I like to name my paintings after things that really resonate with me and this song has always meant a lot to me. If something touches me like that, I need to do something important about it. It deserves recognition in my life.


I remember driving around my hometown when I was a teenager in my 1971 Brown Mercedes Benz listening to Led Zepplin III. There was nothing better than that! Young and Free and loving life!

Song Fact

Robert Plant would sometimes introduce Tangerine at concerts by saying: "This song is for our families and friends and people we've been close to. It's a song of love at its most innocent stages."

Background Development

I am working on developing new backgrounds for my paintings and focused on a red, orange, yellow color for this one with repeating brush strokes going in one slanted upwards or sideways movement depending on how you are looking at it. It gives a sense of movement to the background which I like.


I used my classic bold black shapes which twist and turn and reference balance, energy and spirit.

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