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Great Trick For Dealing with Oil At Top of Peanut Butter Jar

Hi Guys!

I normally shop at whole foods and I was disappointed when they stopped selling Earth Balance peanut butter because it never had oil at the top of the jar when you opened it. I am not sure why they removed it but this was a big plus for me and I was willing to pay the extra cost in exchange for that benefit.

I now buy the 365 peanut butter that usually has 1/4 to 1/2 inch of oil at the top. I always dread when my peanut butter jar is running low because I know I will have to open a new one and deal with stirring the jar and getting oil all over the place. I have tried several tools to make this process easier but nothing seems to work that well.

I found a solution recently that I was really happy to find and it is ridiculously simple but I like simple!

When you bring a new peanut butter jar home from the supermarket, just flip it over when you put it into your cabinet. The oil will rise to the bottom of the jar. leaving the solids at the top. When you are ready to use the peanut butter, just flip it over and it will be ready to go. Also, once its flipped over, the oil will flow back through the peanut butter and it will be absorbed.

I hope that this tip can help another peanut butter lover like me.

If anyone has any other great ideas or things to share about this, please leave a comment below.



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